UW Center for Leadership in Athletics

Undergraduate Opportunities

The Center for Leadership in Athletics resides in the UW’s College of Education. In addition to our graduate program in athletic leadership, we provide a diverse selection of athletic and educational options at the undergraduate level, encompassing majors and minors, internships, research endeavors, and global learning experiences.

Current Undergraduate Opportunities Include:

Majors and Minors

We teach various courses at the undergraduate level intended to give UW students a deeper look into the intersection of athletics and education. Check out the full list of our current course offerings.

Each of these courses counts as electives towards the College of Education’s BA in Education with an Option in Sports and Education degree OR the College of Education’s ECO major.

Community-Engaged Learning

The University of Washington Community Engagement & Leadership Education Center hosts programs centered around the areas of community-engaged learning, democratic engagement, leadership education, preK-12 student success, and place-based initiatives.

Education, Communities, and Organizations (ECO) Internships

Both the Center for Leadership in Athletics and our partners, the King County Play Equity Coalition, have hosted undergraduate students for their capstone internship as part of the College of Education’s Education, Communities, and Organizations (ECO) program. Learn more about the ECO program and previous capstone projects.

Global Sports Lab

In anticipation of the world’s largest sporting event arriving in Seattle in 2026 – The Men’s FIFA World Cup, The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, Center for Leadership in Athletics and other partners have created the Global Sport Lab. Providing students and the public opportunities to learn about global sport and global connections through the expertise of our faculty, staff, guest speakers and community engagements.

Research Symposium

Each year, nearly 1,000 students from all three UW campuses and other local institutions present their research spanning over 100 disciplines. Undergraduates present work from a wide range of research focuses. If you are an undergraduate student pursuing research that involves sport and education, we at the Center for Leadership can serve as a mentor for your research.

If you have an idea for an independent study that doesn’t fall under the research symposium, you can also contact us for support with your research.