UW Center for Leadership in Athletics

IAL Curriculum

The Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership Program is organized around three broad areas: (1) Leadership Development, (2) Impact of Sport on Society, and (3) Athletic Administration Skills. Cutting across these areas are six themes directly tied to issues and challenges facing intercollegiate athletics:

  • Role of Athletics within Higher Education
  • Enhancement of the Student-Athlete Experience
  • Creation and Maintenance of Equity in Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Management of Organizational Change
  • Development of Intercollegiate Athletics Leaders
  • Use of Inquiry and Information in Leadership Decision-making

Guided by our national advisory board, the curriculum is a balanced representation of issues pertaining to different sports, different types of colleges/universities, different regions of the country, and students and leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Students must have at least 48 credits to graduate. Students take 18 credits during the in-person summer session and complete the remaining 30 credits during the traditional academic year. For more information on how coursework is distributed, please refer to the IAL program’s structure page.