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CoachUp! Washington is a strategic initiative between the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association and the UW CLA, aimed at providing training to all school-based coaches in Washington State. Within this partnership, the UW CLA develops curriculum, creates courses, and conducts research on course effectiveness and impact

CoachUp! is grant-funded by the Susan Crown Exchange (SCE) and is one of ten national projects participating in the Million Coaches Challenge (MCC). The SCE and its MCC partners envision a world in which all young athlete have access to coaches who are well- versed in youth development and skill-building techniques that help kids succeed on and off the field. The first step: train one million coaches by 2025.

National Coaching Course

Developing Youth through Sport is available online to a national audience on NFHS Learn. In this course, coaches will learn how they can help the students on their team build skills through sport, foster physical and emotional safety, create a learning environment, and model positive behavior for their team.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Coaches will be able to articulate why sport is a powerful space for youth development and skill building.
  2. Coaches will be able to describe what physical and emotional safety look like in a sports context and how they are connected.
  3. Coaches will be able to describe what it means to create a mastery climate and name strategies that support mastery, autonomy, and fun.
  4. Coaches will better understand the importance of modeling positive behavior and how it is connected to positive experiences for their athletes.

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Million Coaches Challenge

The UW CLA, as one of the organizations in the Million Coaches Challenge (MCC), is committed to equipping a generation of coaches with the knowledge and tools to help young people thrive on and off the playing field. Coaches play a crucial role in shaping young people’s perceptions of sports and their self-esteem. According to youth, what makes sports enjoyable often revolves around coaches who support the team, communicate clearly and consistently, maintain positivity despite mistakes, and are approachable. Research emphasizes that outstanding coaches, regardless of a young person’s skill level, prioritize personal growth and enjoyment alongside competition preparation, player motivation, and skill development. In essence, effective coaching centers on youth, guided by the principle that demonstrating care is fundamental before imparting knowledge.