UW Center for Leadership in Athletics

Coaching Education

We offer practical, hands-on training and education that give coaches tools to be more effective. Using our Ambitious Coaching™ framework as a foundation, our programs focus on how coaches can positively impact athletes at all levels, blending holistic, social-emotional development with sport performance.

ACCEL Coaching Certification

A great option for organizations and coaching staffs to earn a certification through our one day training experience. After active engagement in the full day workshop, participants walk away with an ACCEL Sport Coaching Certificate from the UW Center for Leadership in Athletics.

Ambitious Coaching Core Courses

Our courses are appropriate for coaches of all levels, across all sports. These trainings provide coaching best practices that center athlete well-being and promote holistic athlete development. The Ambitious Coaching Core Courses are approximately 2 hours in length.

Developing Youth Through Sport

We have  partnered with NFHS Learn to launch a coach training course, Developing Youth through Sport, for a national audience. In this course, coaches will learn about how they can help the students on their team build their skills through sport, foster physical and emotional safety, create an environment for learning, and model positive behavior for their team.