UW Center for Leadership in Athletics

Trainings & Workshops for Schools & Sport Organizations

Our experienced training team is ready to get to work with your coaching staff!  We offer an array of different opportunities to fit your training needs and are ready to meet coaches wherever they may be on their coaching journey.

Our four Ambitious Coaching Core Courses are appropriate for coaches of all levels, across all sports. These trainings provide coaching best practices that center athlete well-being and promote holistic athlete development.  These courses include:


This session will help coaches identify critical cultural elements within their team and apply evidence-based strategies for positive culture building.

  • Explore the visible and invisible elements that comprise a team culture.
  • Discuss tangible strategies to shape a positive and inclusive environment.
  • Identify the current cultural context of your program and apply strategies to your setting.


This workshop will explore how coaches can be more intentional to help athletes develop life skills through sport participation.

  • Understand why sport is an ideal environment to facilitate growth and youth development.
  • Explore how to recognize, name, and discuss social-emotional skills with athletes.
  • Learn how to integrate social-emotional skill building into practice plans.


This session will explore how coaches can engage athletes and effectively build sport skills through athlete-centered instruction and feedback strategies.

  • Define athlete-centered coaching and explore the advantages of using this approach.  
  • Discuss effective instructional delivery that is targeted, specific, and developmentally appropriate.
  • Learn relational feedback techniques to maximize athletic skill development and retention.


This session will examine strategies coaches can use to create strong connections with athletes, laying a foundation for skill development and culture building.

  • Explore the characteristics of athletes in your program that impact relationship-building.
  • Discuss how our individual coaching style impacts the relationships that we build with athletes.
  • Learn practical strategies to intentionally engage and connect with athletes.

The Ambitious Coaching Core Courses are approximately 2 hours in length and pricing starts at $500.   Contact us (uwcla@uw.edu) to learn more about bringing these courses to your school or team!


Need something more specific?  We are pleased to offer customized training packages and deliver specialized topics for sport organizations and schools.  The CLA team is able to craft a tailored package that responds to the unique needs of your coaches and organization and help move you towards your goals.  Whether you are looking to develop first-time coaches or sharpen the tools of your veteran leaders, we’ve got you covered!  Our portfolio of offerings include:

  • Series of customized training sessions
  • On-site coach observation
  • Virtual video review and coaching
  • Organizational consulting


Contact us to discuss your organization’s needs and get a custom proposal.