UW Center for Leadership in Athletics

ACCEL Sports Coaching Certificate

ACCEL is a hands-on program for coaches of all sports and levels. This certificate is designed to give sport coaches the tools to help athletes perform their best, with a focus on holistic well-being and growth.

The ACCEL program is derived from research findings from the Center’s Ambitious Coaching Project, our nationally recognized graduate program, and years of conducting training for local and national youth sport organizations.



  • Role of a coach as a leader, educator, and teacher
  • Athlete-centered approach to social-emotional skill-building and leadership development
  • Relationship-building and creating a positive team culture
  • Effective communication skills for maximizing impact
  • Physical training, planning for a season, and long-term athlete development
  • High-quality instructional delivery and feedback
  • Working effectively with parents, athletes, and other coaches



  • Impact Series workshop: Coaches will attend a three-day session on the UW Seattle campus, engaging in group discussion, activities, and coaching labs.
  • Fieldwork: Coaches will capture video of themselves in action, working with their athletes.  Coaches will be responsible for reviewing the footage and submitting a reflection for three different video assignments.  Feedback will be provided by the CLA.
  • On-Your-Own’s (OYO’s):  Coaches will choose three topics from a variety of podcasts and videos, produced and curated by the ACCEL training team to review and connect to their coaching work through a reflective assignment.


The ACCEL certificate begins with a 2.5-day workshop on the UW campus with our experienced training team. After taking part in the workshop, coaches will engage in roughly 10 hours of self-paced work, split between written reflections and a video review. Coaches who complete program requirements will receive an ACCEL Sport Coaching Certificate from the UW Center for Leadership in Athletics. This is a non-credit-bearing certificate.

Registration for participants is $350. Discounts are available for teachers, graduates of the UW College of Education, and community partners.

Have Questions? Contact us at accel@uw.edu