UW Center for Leadership in Athletics

The Ambitious Coaching™ Podcast

Whether you’re a part-time volunteer coach or coaching is your full-time profession, the Ambitious Coaching™ Podcast provides practical takeaways for coaches of all levels and all sports. The podcasts are derived from a series of interviews with experts in coach development, medicine, psychology, and more.

Throughout these interviews, you will hear ties to the Ambitious Coaching™ Core Practices, knowledge-in-action routines, strategies, and activities that effective coaches use to foster social-emotional growth for young athletes and elicit peak athletic performance. These practices are derived from the Center’s Ambitious Coaching Project™, research conducted to identify exactly what sets excellent coaches apart.

The creation of this podcast is the Center’s effort to share knowledge and information that can help coaches become more effective and maximize the potential that sport has to offer.  Please take a listen, and join us in the journey to be Ambitious Coaches!