Nature Contact as a Means to Health and Physical Activity

Published November 8, 2019

Nature Contact as a Means to Health and Physical Activity 

State of Play: Seattle-King County examined youth physical activity across many sectors, including organized sport, outdoor recreation, as well as free play at parks. This allowed us to understand the ways that physical activity overlaps with nature contact, and the role that park access plays in both of these critical elements of youth development.


Can Screens and Physical Activity Coexist?

State of Play: Seattle-King County revealed that screen usage is only one factor contributing to low rates of physical activity in King County youth. Lack of adequate infrastructure alongside culturally and economically exclusive programming form the backbone of barriers to participation. 

Even so, data from our survey of over 1,000 King County youth showed strong relationships between screen time and physical activity, organized sport, and outdoor recreation participation. Some key findings include: