The Ambitious Coaching™ Podcast

Whether you’re a part-time volunteer coach or coaching is your full-time profession, the Ambitious Coaching™ Podcast provides practical takeaways for coaches of all levels and all sports. The podcasts are derived from a series of interviews with experts in coach-development, medicine, psychology, and more. 

Throughout these interviews, you will hear ties to the Ambitious Coaching™ Core Practices, knowledge-in-action routines, strategies, and activities that effective coaches use to foster social-emotional growth for young athletes and elicit peak athletic performance. These practices are derived from the Center’s Ambitious Coaching Project™, research conducted to identify exactly what sets excellent coaches apart.  

The creation of this podcast is the Center’s effort to share knowledge and information that can help coaches become more effective and maximize the potential that sport has to offer.  Please take a listen, and join us in the journey to be Ambitious Coaches!


Lifting Up Voices of Color: Victor Johnson of Fenix Basketball

Join us for our first in a series of conversations with voices of color in educational and sport leadership: Victor Johnson of Fenix Basketball:
“We each have a role in deconstructing our systems and rebuilding a society that speaks a language of love..."

Dr. Kevin Alschuler: Pain Psychology, Building Resilience, and Coping with Uncertainty

Pain and sport psychologist Dr. Kevin Alschuler discusses adaptive vs. maladaptive pain coping strategies, the behaviors associated with resilient athletes and teams, and methods for coping with uncertainty during COVID-19. 

Dr. Laura Kastner: Fostering SEL and Emotional Flourishing in Young Athletes

An expert in the fields of child, adolescent, and pediatric psychology, Dr. Kastner sheds light on the neurochemistry of emotions, including the types of emotions we should expect to see in young athletes whose brains are rapidly developing. Dr. Kastner shares specific strategies that coaches, youth leaders, and parents can deploy to successfully navigate emotionally-charged moments in ways that strengthen relationships and foster social-emotional growth. Conducted in the fall of 2019, this is another of our most popular interviews.
Additional Resource: Core SEL Competencies 

Dr. Julia Mahfouz: Social-Emotional Learning During COVID-19

Student-athletes need the leadership of coaches now more than ever. Dr. Julia Mahfouz, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Idaho, shares how coaches can use the challenges of COVID-19 as an opportunity for social-emotional learning, as well as methods for helping athletes cope with the loss of their sport season.

Additional Resource: Core SEL Competencies 

Dr. Julie McCleery: Building Bridges with Parents

Conducted in the fall of 2018, this interview has been our most popular with the ACCEL Coaching Certificate participants, which speaks to the complex and emotional nature of the coach-parent relationship. Dr. Julie McCleery, principal investigator of the Ambitious Coaching™ Research Project, veteran coach, and parent of three active teenage boys, shares win-win strategies aimed to align coaches, parents, and athletes in ways that benefit everyone and center athlete well-being.   

Upcoming Guests:

Tara Peerenboom: Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Navigating the Coach-Trainer Relationship

Release date: 6/12/2020

In a recently conducted interview, Tara Peerenboom, who oversees the Athletic Training Program at Seattle Children’s Hospital, talks with us about the complex challenges athletes face when rehabilitating from sport injury, including impacts to identity and mental health. Whether or not you have access to the support of an athletic trainer, this interview shares essential steps all coaches can take to mitigate risk and support athletes.
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