UW Center for Leadership in Athletics

Coach Development Offerings

Using our Ambitious Coaching™ framework as a foundation, our coach training programs focus on how to positively impact athletes at all levels by blending holistic development with peak athletic and sport performance. 

What is Ambitious Coaching?

Getting Started: Coach As…

We begin by situating coaches as culture builders, relationship builders, and skill builders (technical-tactical skills & social-emotional skills). Building and maintaining culture, relationships, and skills lead to the blend of peak athletic performance and athlete well-being. What coaches know and who coaches are informs what coaches do.

Coach As Culture Builder

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding team culture and the role of the coach
  • Utilizing the power of routines
  • Integrating intentionality into every decision

Coach As Relationship Builder

Learning Outcomes:

  • Creating an inclusive environment that centers coach-athlete relationship
  • Recognizing coach identity through values, leadership style, and experiences
  • Addressing athlete mental health & designing safe spaces

Coach As Skill Builder (Physical)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the cycle of instruction, diagnosis, feedback, and adaptation
  • Feedback strategies and allowing space
  • Tapping into the zone of proximal development

Coach As Skill Builder (Social-Emotional)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding importance and baseline of social-emotional skill development
  • Practicing SES: planning, cueing, recognizing, debriefing
  • Developing emotional competence through strengths-based approach

Session Info

  • Sessions can be delivered in-person (preferred method) or virtually through Zoom.
  • Sessions are 60 minutes, with the option to add an additional 30-minute coaching lab.
  • Session activities include: content delivery, self-reflection, collaboration with other coaches, coaching labs, and case studies.

Interested in more than one session?

  • Coach As Series:
    • 4 sessions:
      • Coach As Culture Builder
      • Coach As Relationship Builder
      • Coach As Skill Builder (Physical)
      • Coach As Skill Builder (Social-Emotional)
  • Custom Sessions
    • Primary customization topics centered around:
      • Youth & Adolescent Development 
      • Leadership Development
      • Identity Development
      • Female Athlete Physiology
    • Contact us to discuss organizational goals & how we can design specific custom trainings for you
  • Single Training
    • 1-2 hours; content delivery + coaching lab
  • Full Day Training
    • 5-6 hours; content delivery + coaching labs + group activities
  • Series of Trainings
    • Series of single trainings
    • Series of full day trainings
  • ACCEL Coaching Credential
    • Completion of Coach As Series + full day training + follow up certificate work
  • Single Training: $500
  • Series of Single Trainings: $
  • Full-Day Training: $
  • Series of Full-Day Trainings: $
  • ACCEL Certificate: $

Additional Topics

We recommend coaches begin with the “Coach As Series”

UW CLA can customize specific training sessions that align with desired organizational goals and learning outcomes. Primary customization topics are centered around: 

  • Youth & Adolescent Development 
  • Leadership Development
  • Identity Development
  • Female Athlete Physiology

We recommend coaches begin with at least one session from the “Coach As Series”