UW Center for Leadership in Athletics

July 6, 2023

Game Changers Event Recap

On June 29th and 30th, we officially welcomed the newest cohort of Game Changers. Game Changers is a yearlong grant-funded program by the Susan Crown Foundation that brings together a cohort of 40 Women and Non-Binary coaches from across Washington for community-building and professional development.

This year’s kick-off event was held at University Prep in Seattle, WA.  The event was facilitated by Jennifer Peterson, CLA Coach Developer. Highlights of the event included the Women in Sports and Leadership panel, the group Seattle Storm game, and sessions led by Dr. Hannah Olson and Dr. Julie McCleery.

Prepare to be empowered!

Watch the closing remark’s from the Women in Sports and Leadership panel. Dionna’s, Lacey’s, and Rebecca’s words serve as a powerful reminder of the impact women coaches have on youth. Dionna is the Assistant Athletic Director at Lakeside School and an alum of the UW IAL M.Ed. program, Lacey is the Athletic Director at Holy Names Academy, and Rebecca is the Athletic Director at University Prep.

Special thanks to these three for speaking on the panel at the Game Changers kick-off event!

Watch the full recording of the panel here.