UW Center for Leadership in Athletics

June 6, 2023

The 2022-2023 IAL Cohort Graduated

This past weekend the 2023 IAL Graduation Ceremony was held at the University of Washington. Upon graduation, 73% of the 2023 Class have landed roles in the Athletic or Education Industry.

Each year, the IAL students select Keynote Speakers to represent their cohort and speak on behalf of the cohort during graduation. This year’s Graduation Keynote Speakers were Tellier Lundquist, Quinn Roche, and Laurie Willoughby. A few students could not attend graduation, but they were able to be at the ceremony in spirit and through congratulatory videos for their peers!

The Faculty Merit Award recipients were also honored during the ceremony. Summer and Fall faculty identify students who have distinguished themselves through (1) achievement in their coursework and (2) contributions to the cohort’s learning experiences. The selected students are recipients of the IAL Faculty Merit Award and receive scholarships in recognition of this achievement. This year’s recipients were: Guile Chong, Stephen Flynn, Quinn Roche, Ryan Silva, and Laurie Willoughby.

We cannot wait to see where this group goes next!