Develop and flexibly execute a “practice plan” 

The coach is able to design and execute a plan for training sessions guided by short term and long term goals, instructional aims, athlete needs, and available resources.  Well planned training sessions maximize use of physical space, equipment, and resources (including other coaches and trainers) in order to engage athletes in activity as much as possible.

The coach plans training sessions with an eye toward progressively building skills and simultaneously providing variety and innovation that allows for enjoyment and engagement. Optimal practice plans strike a challenge-skills balance so that athletes are asked to do things just beyond their reach (not too far above or below their abilities). The coach keeps practices fresh by changing the pace, incorporating new methods, technologies or equipment (where appropriate).

The coach is also aware of the potential modifications and adaptations that might need to be made in the plan. S/he is able to flex and change elements of the plan while retaining the overall instructional aims and goals to some degree.