Create progressive sequences of drills and training sessions that simulate the technical, tactical, and mental skills needed for competition

The coach designs and executes drills and training sessions with sequencing that builds upon athletes' abilities and simulates the skills needed for successful execution in competition. Carefully sequenced lessons support athletes to learn and practice skills and combinations of skills and tactics over time with increasing complexity. The coach is able to build on strengths while addressing areas for growth and balances the needs of the group with individual needs. 

Successful progression incorporates fundamental instruction, repetition, and repetition under pressure so athletes learn to consistently perform in competitive situations.

As competition approaches, the coach balances their own team's needs with knowledge of the specific competitive situation, as appropriate. The coach may also use tapering or make other sequencing adjustments to the training load as competition nears. The coach also uses a variety of approaches to help athletes prepare for competition including video, mental rehearsal, visualization, walk-throughs, and discussion.

**Note: this practice was combined with the practice entitled "prepare technical and tactical approaches to upcoming competition." If you feel so inclined, in the justification section, maybe note if you feel that combining was appropriate.