Todd Turner

CEO & Owner, Collegiate Sports Associates

Bob Bowlsby

Commissioner, BIG 12 Conference

Kyle Kallander

Commissioner, Big South Athletic Conference

Gary Wright

Consultant, Seattle Sounders FC

Kevin White

Director of Athletics, Duke University

Sandy Barbour

Director of Athletics, Penn State University

Scott Woodward

Director of Athletics, Texas A&M

Dan Guerrero

Director of Athletics, University of California at Los Angeles

Rebecca Crawford

Director of International Games, United States Olympic Committee

Daryl Gross

Executive Director of Intercollegiate Athletics California State University, Los Angeles

Dutch Baughman

Executive Director, Division I-A Athletic Directors' Association

Ralph Morton

Executive Director, Seattle Sports Commission

Mike Colbrese

Executive Director, Washington Interscholastic Activities Association

Tom Hansen

Former Commissioner Pac-10 Conference

Jim Livengood

Former Director of Athletics, University of Nevada - Las Vegas

Cary Groth

Former Director of Athletics, University of Nevada - Reno

Andy Geiger

Former Director of Athletics, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Chuck Armstrong

Former President, Seattle Mariners

Russ Farwell

General Manager, Seattle Thunderbirds Hockey

Peter Fewing

Head Coach, Seattle University Men's Soccer

Adrian Hanauer

Majority Owner, Seattle Sounders FC

Mark Majeski

Owner, Majeski Athletic Consulting

Ted Leland

Vice President for University Enhancement, University of the Pacific

Brad Bates

Vice President of Consulting, Collegiate Sports Associates

Kevin Lennon

Vice President of Membership Services, NCAA

Shannon Ellis

Vice President of Student Services, University of Nevada - Reno

David Szatmary

Vice Provost for Educational Outreach, University of Washington

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