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Student Testimonials

"With a passion for athletics growing up, it wasn’t until after working for five years in collegiate athletics specifically that I found this was what I wanted to pursue. What drew me to the IAL program was its unique focus on collegiate athletics, and the structure in which you learn compared to other programs I saw. The professors and guest speakers gave us such a diverse picture across all of college sports from administrators at the NCAA and universities, to those in branches like academics and accounting. Building off of my experiences working in college athletics I was able to see a brighter picture of how athletic departments are ran. This gave me a clearer idea of where to focus my career on, as well as a broader knowledge of how these departments are ran in order to be successful in almost any branch I wish. Continuing to work with an internship while in the program puts knowledge gained in the classroom to action, and keeps you a step ahead of others when applying for jobs in the future.."

Mike Swartz – IAL 2016
Undergraduate:  Ole Miss
Current Position (2018): Director of Athletic Communications, Loyola University New Orleans
"The IAL: Coaching program has been a wonderfully enriching experience so far. The mix of in person and online learning is a great match for the often intense and unpredictable collegiate coaching calendar. The summer session was an immersive start to the program that mixed UW’s beautiful campus with an intense learning environment. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to learn from different experiences within our cohort, varying academic perspectives, and from sports industry professionals. As the traditional academic year starts I am excited for the mentorship component of the program to begin. The formalized mentorships not only allow me to grow my professional network, they also provide a structure for intentional and continued learning from the people around me."

Heidi Lewis– IAL 2016
Undergraduate:  American University
Current Position:  The Catholic University of America, Head Field Hockey Coach
My experience with the IAL program was one that I will forever be grateful for. The exposure to network with over 75 professionals in the industry, the application of real life experience through an internship, and receiving a Master’s of Education from a prominent university all in one year is a unique and special opportunity. I would argue the IAL program is truly one of the best graduate programs to prepare you for a successful career, no matter what avenue you decide to pursue within sports and leadership. 

Liz Carter - 2018 IAL Cohort
Undergraduate: Texas A&M - Corpus Cristi
"IAL is about more than just learning about the world of athletics. The program has helped me discover what my personal goals and values are, in addition to opening the door to unlimited opportunities. The people I've met in this program and the support they provide are irreplaceable." 

Kaitlyn Neiswender, 2019 cohort
Undergraduate University: Alma College
Current Position: Marketing Associate at Driveline Baseball Enterprises, Inc. 

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