Undergrad Student

I looked at sports through a lens of athlete, coach, and mentor. I learned everything is not cut and dry. Our bias, perceptions, and experiences shape our lives and it is up to us to be better, more helpful, loving and sincere to propel youth to new horizons.

Undergrad Student

Thanks again for everything during the course ... you have made my coaching ambitions a mental reality. I'm excited to help coach football this fall and will remember to make the game fun, and let my kids know, I love them, believe in them, and support them.

IAL Alumni Spotlight - 2009 Alum, Shaun Cole

IAL Alumni Spotlight: Shaun Cole 

The Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership M.Ed. (IAL) program has been aiding in the development of aspiring graduate students for the past 10 years. We’re proud to say that our graduates have gone on to work in many different sectors of the professional and collegiate sports industry.  To continue highlighting the great work of our IAL alumni, we sat down with 2009 IAL graduate, Shaun Cole.