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Keynote Speaker: 
  • Dr. Scott Hirko, Associate for Communications and Research, Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, and Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Defiance College
  • John Cheslock, Associate Professor of Education, Pennsylvania State University
  • Valerie Cleary, Athletic Director, Portland State University
  • Lynn Hickey, Associate Vice President/Director of Athletics, Eastern Washington University
  • Willis Jones, Associate Professor, University of Kentucky

Event Summary: 
At a time when college costs are rising above the rate of inflation, policy makers and university leaders face pressure to analyze all aspects of institutional budgets.  One area under intense scrutiny is university athletics budgets.  Revenue increases from NCAA Division I athletics conference media contracts, combined with the lucrative College Football Playoff, has led to an era in college sports where explosive revenue growth for the few are pressuring spending and funding decisions for the many. Lawsuits and other challenges are expected to fundamentally change the way college sports -- and especially football -- are financed and played.  
This interactive session will provide attendees both an introduction and a hands-on opportunity to explore current issues related to college athletics financing. The session will begin with a panel discussion from leaders and scholars who will orient attendees to the financial pressures facing college athletics and how these financial pressures relate to issues such as student costs, educational access, equity in opportunity, and educational quality. The session will then transition to an interactive format (attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops) of how to utilize a research tool to explore the issues laid out by the presenters. Attendees will learn how to use the newly revised Knight Commission’s NCAA Division I College Athletics Financial Information (CAFI) Database to understand the financial landscape for the most competitive division of college sports and the differences between well-resourced athletics programs and programs that rely on significant institutional funding.  Specific tools to compare financial budgets and trends over time, and to access data for research needs, can help lead to enlightening and impactful understanding about decisions by institutions' athletics programs.
This session will be valuable to scholars, policy analysts, and practitioners interested in better understanding college finance and the economics of college athletics.

This session was generously supported by the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics

Now in its 10th year, the Pre-Conference Forum on College Sports engages the ASHE community on the issues of the relationship between intercollegiate athletics and higher education. For more information, contact the Center for Leadership in Athletics: claresch@uw.edu 

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