IAL has allowed me to have one of the best summers of my life, thus far. I have not only grown as a student, but IAL has pushed me to grow as an individual, a friend, a professional and future leader. Each class has opened my eyes up to new ways thinking, interacting, presenting, and researching. In addition to all of the critical thinking that has taken place, IAL has opened up networking doors that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. I have had the opportunity to meet professionals from all facets in sports ranging from athletic directors, professors, CEO’s and everyone in between. I have made connections that will last a lifetime, and I owe it all to the IAL program. I am very excited to continue my academic year with IAL as we will be exposed to more classes/connections that will heighten my understanding and preparedness to work in intercollegiate athletics as well as have the opportunity to attend the NCAA conference. This experience has been life changing and for this, I am thankful..
Sheridan Blanford
2016 Cohort