IAL Faculty

Sara Lopez Headshot

Sara Lopez, Ph.D.

Director for the Center for Leadership in Athletics & Executive Director for the Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership


Hannah Olson Headshot

Hannah Olson, Ph.D.

Assistant Director for the Center for Leadership in Athletics


Gregg Bell Headshot

Gregg Bell

NFL writer at The News Tribune


Edward Scott Headshot

Edward Scott, Ph.D.

Director of Athletics at Morgan State University


Jennifer Hoffman Headshot

Jennifer Hoffman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Book Author


Julie McCleery Headshot

Julie McCleery, Ph.D.

Director Research-Practice Partnerships


Emmett Gill Headshot

Emmett Gill, Ph.D.

Chief Visionary Officer at Athletes & Advocates for Social Justice in Sports


Anne Browning Headshot

Anne Browning, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Well-Being at University of Washington - School of Medicine


Joe Lott Headshot

Joe Lott

Associate Professor at the University of Washington


Gregg Greene Headshot

Gregg Greene

Vice President of Marketing, Seattle Mariners


Jimmy Bowen Headshot

Jimmy Bowen

Sports Business Analyst for Husky Athletics


Marsa Daniel Headshot

Marsa Daniel

Teaching Associate & Content Curator for the Center for Leadership in Athletics


Kimya Massey Headshot

Kimya Massey

Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Development at Oregon State University


Linda Salfrank Headshot

Linda Salfrank

General Counsel, Park Hill School District









Jennifer Henderson

Managing Director at NCAA


Ed deHaan Headshot

Ed deHaan

Professor at University of Washington 


Pamela Robenault Headshot

Pamela Robenault

Director of Learning Services at University of Washington


Mark Squire Headshot

Mark Squire

Instructional Designer/ Technologist & Lecturer at University of Washington


Polo DeCano Headshot

Polo DeCano, Ph.D.

Student Support Services Consulting Teacher at Seattle Public Schools


James Antony Headshot

James Antony, Ph.D.

Dean, The Graduate Division - UC San Diego