ACCEL Sports Coaching Certificate

Testimonial for the ACCEL Sports Coaching Certificate


ACCEL is a hands-on program for coaches of all sports and levels. This certificate is designed to give sport coaches the tools to help athletes perform their best, with a focus on holistic well-being and growth.

The ACCEL program is derived from research findings from the Center’s Ambitious Coaching Project, our nationally-recognized graduate program, and years of conducting training for local and national youth sport organizations. 



  • Role of a coach as a leader, educator, and teacher
  • Athlete-centered approach to social-emotional skill-building and leadership development
  • Relationship-building and creating a positive team culture
  • Effective communication skills for maximizing impact
  • Physical training, planning for a season, and long-term athlete development
  • High-quality instructional delivery and feedback
  • Working effectively with parents, athletes, and other coaches


The ACCEL certificate begins with a 2.5-day workshop on the UW campus with our experienced training team. After taking part in the workshop, coaches will engage in roughly 10 hours of self-paced work, split between written reflections and a video review. Coaches who complete program requirements will receive an ACCEL Sport Coaching Certificate from the UW Center for Leadership in Athletics. This is a non-credit bearing certificate.


Registration for participants is $350. Discounts are available for teachers, graduates of the UW College of Education, and community partners.


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