ACCEL Certificate Testimonials 

"The learning opportunity and experience was outstanding! Well organized and presented in a professional practical format. The presenter team was superb and very kind/caring. I was challenged to think with breath and depth. It was clear in the messaging that coaching is an art and science and it is life skills teaching." 

-2019 ACCEL Participant 
"I’ve been teaching and coaching for over 35 years and I just spent three whole days learning new things. I spend so much time with my athletes and reading but this experience of being with both experts in the field and an exciting and diverse group of fellow coaches has been unique and powerful." 

-Joe Bisignano 
XC and Ultimate Coach and Director of PE, Health and Wellness at Northwest School
"The ACCEL program gave me the time and space to really reflect and learn how to apply best practices to my own coaching journey. It was a weekend jammed packed with high quality information and content, taught by the top leaders in the field. Well worth the time to be here!"

-2019 ACCEL Participant 
"As my 3 day ACCEL training comes to an end, I'm excited to get back in front of the groups of kids I have the privilege of working with. My excitement to include new methods of feedback and building blocks on an actionable level to increase understanding and stimulate growth, is at an all time high. Giving voice and context to areas within myself that I may have been proud or or lacked, gives perspective and opportunity for reflection and growth within myself."

- 2019 ACCEL Participant
"While this workshop is only three days, I have walked away with a long list of tools and ideas for how to immediately begin implementing the things I learned through ACCEL with not only my sports team that I coach, but also in my work as a classroom teacher. The information was thoughtful and interesting in a cognitive sense, but it was, most importantly, practical and applicable, ready-to-use information."

- Kristin Kuzmanich 
Holy Names Academy HS Soccer and Track Coach
"I really enjoyed getting to meet, learn from, and connect with other coaches. The whole weekend really challenged me to look internally at how I coach and think about what changes I could make to better help athletes succeed."

- Meaghan Krueger
HS Swim & Dive Coach