UW Center for Leadership in Athletics
Sara Matovina Headshot

Sara Matovina

Physical Activity Coordinator Supervisor

Sara’s role at the Center is to help support a new  grant funded program that we are partnering with the King Count Play Equity Coalition, OSPI, NHI, Up2Us, Americorps, and Seattle Children’s Hospital on. She will be supervising the Physical Activity Coordinators who will be working in elementary and middle schools to provide more opportunities for youth to be physically active in ways that are safe, fun, inclusive, and sustainable. She will also be working to provide professional development opportunities and trainings for them, as well as providing oversight to the program as a whole.

Before joining the CLA Sara received her M.Ed in Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership from the CLA program. Before joining the program she held many different positions with non-profit education programs teaching kids from grades kindergarten through high school and supervising many college age staff. She is excited to merge her love for education, leadership, and athletics in this new role.


Contact Sara: smatov@uw.edu