Program Structure

ACCEL coaches will complete four different requirements to earn the coaching certificate:

  • Impact Series coursework: One in-person workshop, providing the foundation for the ACCEL sport coaching certificate.
  • Fieldwork: Video review and reflection with peers and coaching mentors that ACCEL participants complete with their own teams, within their own timeframe, in their unique coaching setting.
  • On-Your-Own:  A variety of podcasts and webinars, focused on specific topics.  Participants may also take approved external trainings that count towards this requirement.

Coaches enrolled in ACCEL can complete the Certificate in as little as 3 months, though we expect most participants to finish in 6-12 months.

Curriculum Themes and Topics

  • Role of a coach as a leader, educator, and teacher
  • Athlete-centered approach to social-emotional skill building and leadership development
  • Relationship-building and creating positive team culture
  • Effective communication skills for maximizing impact
  • Physical training, planning for a season, and long-term athlete development
  • High quality instructional delivery and feedback
  • Working effectively with parents, athletes, and other coaches


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